Excuse my crappy camera quality and even crappier backdrop. I finished with some changes i made to my cosplay and since I’m leaving on the plane tomorrow i wont have any better time to catch a picture. Anyone who wants to meet me at invadercon can look for this weirdo. I hope to be able to find a bald cap somewhere but i doubt it so ill probably just be nightmare professor +hair for some reason. Hope to see you guys there!

If you guys want more info on meeting up for the ZADR get together you might have to talk with cinnieminni who is looking for the location.

There's an "Invader Zim" Convention? They still run those? I always said that I wanted to attend one before I die. A man can dream. Perhaps in 2016 AD?

The organisers for Invadercon are calling it “Final Doom” as they promise it to be the final Invadercon ever. If you want to go I would suggest looking into it cus I expect it to be the most fabulous experience of my life. (obviously my life is dull as bricks) Here, take the link to the website! http://www.invadercon.com/

Also there is kinda only 20 days left till the convention but hey, no rush.


(A bit of a display kiiiiinda made to represent my excitement for the upcoming Invadercon. Don’t think I made enough crazy tho.)

Convention rdy

I got my cosplay for Invadercon in the mail today. Cant remember the last time I’ve been so excited/nervous but I suppose actually going to the convention dressed in it is going to top that feel. I’m glad the thing fits but It does need a few little modifications Ill be making before I post up pictures.

Excitement! ovo

Also Ive been asked to help host a cute little ZADR fan artists get together at the convention. Seems like a pretty fun idea so If your interested in hanging out with other ZADR fanatics then keep tuned for updates on the.. thing.

That bench tho.

+1 Spare Ticket

So it turns out I have no friends to travel to invadercon with. (Big surprise)
Originally it was going to be me and my sister but it turns out she cant make it so i have a spare ticket, a kickstarter reward ticket with the vip show, waffle breakfast, dinner and coolness attached.. So I would like to try give this away to someone if I can. (not sure if its possible but heck. yolo)

So if you have already got travel plans to get to Invadercon and you had that little person inside you say “Man.. I wish i could have got me that waffle breakfast+ Dinner thing…” Then go ahead and chat me up and we can see if its possible to get those pass tickets transferred even though you payed nothing. You mooch.


Note it may take me a good week to decide who to give it to. Not sure rly, Ill make another post when its gone.

Study your enemy.

ZASR: Zim and Sandwich Relationship.

A little something I picked up from a small Deviantart group. Most sensible IZ couple.


I uhh.. Made a Youtube poop. It was the biggest waste of time and will most likely be flagged for copyright in the next 3 mins or something, but I feel good..

And with that, all respect for me goes out the window.

Follow the Dib-thing.